Avocado, Honey and Burdock Root Facial Mask

avocado photo

Burdock root has been traditionally used in the ancient art of healing known as Ayurvedic Medicine, which is a medicinal system that is native to India and the sub-content. Ayurvedic practice uses burdock root to treat skin conditions such as rashes, acne, abscesses, local skin infections, eczema and psoriasis. The Ayurvedic philosophy believes burdock root to be one of nature?s greatest skin cleansers. The combination of burdock root and honey in this facial mask make it a wonderful homemade, non-evasive option for treating acne-prone skin. By using avocado as a base, you are also providing the skin with a great source of moisturization that won?t leave any excess oil on the skin once cleaned off.


  • ? of a small ripe avocado, pitted and peeled
  • 1 Teaspoon (5ml) Raw organic honey
  • ? Teaspoon (2.5ml) Raw burdock root, finely grated


  • Place the avocado, honey and grated burdock root a mixing bowl and mix well
  • Cleanse your face and neck by means of your usual cleansing routine
  • Apply the avocado, honey and burdock root facial mask to your face and neck, extending down to your d?colletage.
  • Leave the mask on for approximately fifteen minutes
  • Gently remove the mask by wiping away at it with a dampened cotton wool pad
  • Follow with your usual cleansing and moisturizing routine.