Coconut Oil and Orange Essential Oil Hair Treatment

Due to the amazing properties of orange essential oil such as anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-spasmodic, it is a natural antiseptic, a carminative, can have a sedative-like effect; it makes a wonderful addition to a homemade hair treatment. The benefits of the orange essential oil can be taken advantage of more efficiently by means of application to the scalp, particularly when we think of the anti-depressant and carminative properties of this particular essential oil. Together with the moisturizing and repairing advantages of the application of pure extra virgin coconut oil has to your hair; the orange essential oil adds a punch of cellular repairing anti-oxidants that are naturally occurring within this essential oil. One of the most pleasant things about this particular hair treatment is the comforting citrus fragrance that is brought on by the addition of the orange essential oil.

Ingredients for this Hair Treatment:

  • 1 Cup (250ml) Extra Virgin Coconut oil, preferably in its solid state
  • 1 Tablespoon (15ml) Orange essential oil

Instructions to make the hair treatment:

  • In a mixing bowl that you have set aside for use with non-food items, mix together the extra virgin coconut oil and the orange essential oil
  • This hair treatment can be stored in a recycled glass jar and used as and when desired.

To Use this Hair Treatment:

1?????? Wash your hair as per your normal shampooing method, but leave out the conditioning step

2?????? Once you have dried off from your shower, comb out your hair

3?????? Take a generous amount of?the coconut oil and orange essential oil hair treatment, preferably in its more solid state, and warm it in between the palms of your hands

4?????? Work the coconut oil?and orange essential oil hair treatment through your hair from root to tip

5?????? Comb your hair out once again.

6?????? If you have long hair it will make life easier to braid it and pin it up with hair grips

7?????? Leave the coconut oil and orange essential oil hair treatment in your hair for twenty-four hours before rinsing out and following with your usual shampooing and conditioning routine. You might have to shampoo twice in order to make sure that all the coconut oil has been sufficiently washed out of your hair.