Homemade Body Scrubs

All the recipes in this section use either Epsom salt or organic sea salt as a base. Epsom salt is a wonderful, cost effective addition to any beauty routine and has so many health benefits due to its high magnesium and sulfate content. Organic sea salt is high in sodium and is one of nature?s most simple and effective disinfectants and cleansers. The addition of essential oils to these body scrubs not only adds a hint of gentle fragrance but also brings with it the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. In some instances, food oils such as coconut or olive oil have been added to the mix to boost the moisturizing properties of the body scrub. One of the most efficient uses for a body scrub is to exfoliate the skin; exfoliation of the skin removes any excess dead skin cells that may be resting on the skin?s surface, paving the way for a more efficient absorption of your moisturizing cream. As with all the products and chapters within this book, it is incredibly necessary to stress the fact that if any irritation or sensitivity to the skin is experienced after using any of the following product use of that product must be discontinued immediately, and if any reaction that may be experienced does not clear up within three days of using the product then it is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor or dermatologist.