Homemade Hair Care Products

Our hair is our crowning glory and taking care of it is an essential part of any beauty routine. The commercial cosmetic industry provides us with a large variety of hair care products that are designed to help strengthen, repair and treat the hair for a number of things from dehydration, damage due to styling and coloring, lack of volume, lack of shine and overall dullness. Unfortunately, as with all products made available by the commercial cosmetic industry, those designed with hair care in mind are also heavily laden with chemical based ingredients that very often can do more harm than good. There is also the factor of price to take into account; many of the commercially available hair care products are very expensive and therefore can become prohibitive and fall into the category of ultimate luxury when on a tight budget. This chapter will give you some creative and interesting ideas for making your own homemade hair care products that will be gentle on your hair and skin as well affordable and cost effective. All the recipes in this chapter use natural ingredients that are easy to source and easy to use. As with all the recipes in previous chapters it is once again very important to stress that should any sensitivity or irritation occur due to use of any of the products in this chapter it is strongly advised that use of the product is discontinued immediately; and that if any reaction that may have occurred does not clear up within three days of using the product then you should consult your doctor or dermatologist.