Homemade Moisturizers

The recipes for homemade moisturizers in this section can be used for both face and body and all of them use plain, basic aqueous cream as their base. Aqueous cream is known for its gentle yet effective moisturizing properties and abilities and is one the most basic options for effectively moisturizing the skin since it has a neutral pH level that is not likely to cause any reaction or sensitivity to the skin. The addition of essential oils to these recipes adds a hint of fragrance as well as the benefits of the particular essential oil that is being used in each circumstance. All of these recipes can be put together and stored in an airtight container, preferably recycled glass, and used as and when needed. They can also be placed in smaller containers that are easy to keep in your handbag, since they make great hand moisturizers as well.  Once again it is important to remind you of the precautions mentioned in the introduction regarding potential allergic reactions or sensitivities to any of these recipes. Should any reactions or sensitivities occur discontinue use immediately.